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Artisan Collection - Lemongrass, Sweet Orange and Peppermint Scented Candle

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To uplift the spirit of your space, there is no replacement for exquisite fragrant candles. The Artisan Collection from the house of White & Faded brings to you a unique Scented Candle that smells divine and makes you heady with its soothing aroma. A crafty blend of lemongrass, sweet orange and peppermint, this candle invigorates your soul, allowing you to breathe in its calming fragrance. 

These candles have been carefully hand-poured in the USA. Curated from premium materials, this product aptly captures the minimalist charm through its design. The simple yet sophisticated glass that houses the candle, comes with the White & Faded logo. Place it on your bedside table, study room, or living room, and bask in its positive aura. 

These scented beauties revitalise your energy whilst also allowing you to transcend into a soulful realm of your own, far away from the hectic schedules of the workaday world. 

An ideal addition to your home decor items, this candle can infuse a cosy vibe into your space. Light it up when you wish to inhale its exhilarating perfume, and you will instantly forget all stress and tension. So, get yourself this magnificent piece today!

Volume of 225 ml (8 Oz).

More about our Artisan, Sherry Hicks