Artisan Collection - Natural Sea Clay Soap - White Tea and Ginger

by White & Faded

£10.50 £15.00

Hand-crafted bar of French grey clay soap made by our selected Artisan Daniel Blagovich, My Little White House Studio in Seattle, USA.

These exclusive soaps are made in limited batches with the finest oils and fragrances.

Our soaps colour varies from bar to bar because it is naturally coloured by french grey clay harvested from ancient sea beds.

Once our soaps are taken out of their mould, they are pressed with a solid brass stamp with our logo, wrapped in butcher's paper + twine, and sealed with white wax.

These soaps were inspired by "Savon de Marseille" that can be found throughout France used for laundry, cleaning, hand washing, and bathing.
Each soap is 200g by weight.

Scent: White Tea and Ginger
Naturally coloured by french sea grey clay 


Janet's comment: This soap treats all your senses! True eye candy. The amazing and uplifting scent can be experienced already as soon as the package arrives and long after. The handwritten wrap is almost too beautiful to open! So I recommend 2 or more, to combine opened and wrapped soaps together.


It's time to learn our restoration techniques and turn "trash" into treasure.


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