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by White & Faded


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The long-awaited first book of Janet Parrella - van den Berg is available now!

In this special 200-page volume, Janet takes you on a stunning visual journey, revealing the story behind White & Faded.

ISBN: 978-1-9993594-4-7

Included are many useful tips on how to create a relaxed and elegant home.

This book is a restored treasure, it speaks of Janet Parrella-van den Berg journey personally that is told through her love and connection to all things white and faded. Not only does Janet have a natural gift to seek out pieces that have been long forgotten and cast aside for newer more modern pieces, she also has the ability to restore them to a new place of importance in the room, the end result being simply beautiful. This combined with her own story of life, live, loss, damage and ultimately her renewed sense of value and identity is so beautifully brought together in this book – a true labor of love.


“I have received many enquiries about how to create that relaxed elegant look and feel that my interiors carry. Here are some principles you can apply to almost any interior environment: - Creating a colorful palette with tonal colors – which you often find in the same color swatch – are safe, yet can be perceived as bland when used together in the same room. However, using different shades of white give life, yields more reflected light and will stimulate more interest. I use white interiors as a background for accessories of different shades of whites, like the palest share of blue, grey or stone. Although all these colors are close to white, they are softer on the eye and warmer than a standard white paint” - By Janet Parrella-van den Berg.

“I started talking to Janet before I knew that she was the face of White & Faded and so I had been influenced by her and her love of interiors before our meeting. I also love interiors and my passion is to see space that has no love or life being transformed. It is not simply about the end result but the process to that place, but also not staying there. Moving items around the rooms and spaces whether they be small or the larger pieces of furniture, it’s all part of the evolution of the space, much like we are constantly evolving.” – By Kate Harpum


It's time to learn our restoration techniques and turn "trash" into treasure.


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