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Do you love possessing beautifully crafted decor pieces that have stories to tell? The White & Faded House Gift Mug is one such creation, featuring the company logo against a fresh white backdrop. This beautiful creation is an embodiment of our minimalist aesthetic.

The mug comes with a gift box, so in case you're presenting it to someone as a token of love, you will have beautiful packaging to accompany your gift. It also works as a perfect mug to serve a welcome beverage to your guest, making them feel at home. 

Made from premium materials, this mug is one of a kind. It's elegant, modern, and compliments your kitchen setup effortlessly. It upholds simplicity through its design, allowing you to own a piece of art that's also highly functional. Sip into a hot cup of tea from this cup, and appreciate its minimalist beauty. 

To make the White & Fade Gift Mug yours today, all you have to do is place an order, and your favourite cup will reach you just on time!