Limited First Edition / Printed in England

Beauty Restored - Inspirational Living

The long-awaited first book of Janet Parrella - van den Berg is available now!


In this special 200-page volume, Janet takes you on a stunning visual journey, revealing the story behind White & Faded.

ISBN: 978-1-9993594-4-7

Included are many useful tips on how to create a relaxed and elegant home.


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White & Faded Collection Coffee Mug

Hand thrown pottery collection by Burgeon ceramics for White & Faded

Each item is unique and slightly different

White glazing on natural clay



It's more than restoring furniture

I Restore Beauty

I am sometimes asked for a precise definition of White & Faded

Yet it is so many things: the passionate treasure hunt for unique items, the search after lost beauty, and the potential for restoration and glory. It is the impulse to rescue unloved items and make them desirable once again; the sense of euphoria as furniture is breathed back to life and beauty with a few layers of fresh paint. It is the gentle thrill of seeing old quilts revived, antique chairs re-upholstered and new cushions upgraded with gorgeous, sensuous vintage fabrics. And now it also encompasses my own fabric and wallpaper designs, born out of my love for all these delicately beautiful elements, and designed to complement them.

All this and more is the very essence of White & Faded living.

Janet Parrella–van den Berg