Linda Castle - White & Faded

Linda Castle

When Linda Castle, Head roaster & Co-founder of CLO Coffee Roastery, started out in 2008 in their Yorkshire, English Roastery, they asked themselves, how could a good coffee experience change a day? Not just for the coffee drinker, but the farmers too. 

Linda believes coffee matters most when cared for from plant to the cup. That's why they invest in relationships with the farmers. Coffee cherries from this exclusive blend are grown near the Brazilian town of Monte Carmelo. A farm that is part of the Cafe Delas project. Created for women farmers to not live in the shadows of the male farmers, but be resourced with knowledge, and a voice to make decisions together to grow their operations to the fullest potential. 

For every Cafés Delas sale, a portion of the profit is reinvested in programs that promote gender equality and empower women in the field.  Head Roaster Linda is committed to honouring the expertise of the coffee growers, so tastes every roast to ensure what you'll pour is anything but regular.

We want to introduce our White & Faded coffee - Empowering Women From Farm To Roast - Shop Now (Premium Roasted Coffee)
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