Janet & Dino mission is to: “To create a brand with the focus on the restoration of homes and hearts. Provide designer-quality, yet affordable products and services, whilst making the customer feel loved and welcomed through all touch-points.”

Janet Parrella Van Den Berg and her husband, Dino Parrella are the creative powerhouse behind UK-based White & Faded. With a focus on restoring old homes and furniture, they bring new life to everything they do while introducing their clients and fans to stylish, sustainable living.

Through their website and growing Instagram Account (63k followers and growing!), the pair offers a behind-the-scenes look at their process of restoring their own home in the Garden of England, a large country house originally built in 1767. Plus, there’s The White & Faded House, a beautiful and serene Airbnb located in Waco, Texas. For those who love the look, their online shop features restored vintage products and new products from their collection, helping customers achieve their serene style on their own. Finally, Janet also hosts a digital academy. Through which she teaches interactive online courses covering topics, such as “chair upholstery” and “double piping.” 

White & Faded is the hub of stylish, yet sustainable living. Finding ethically sourced and environmentally friendly products is high on our priority, as well as providing you with the quality you deserve and everyone deserves 120%! That's why we only sell products we feel you will absolutely love, with a designer like quality.

The real journey of White & Faded began in 2011, when Janet turned her passion for all things white into a serene home decor brand. Through Instagram, Janet shared behind the scene pictures of the beautiful homes she restored and her loyal followers were there to see the evolution. In 2018, Janet decided to publish her first book, Beauty Restored, which revealed a personal story behind the brand.  Between them, Janet and Dino are inspiring others to bring creativity into their lives, mixing old with new in perfect harmony. “The Feng Shui of Hygge”

As a brand, White & Faded has one mission - to create a brand with the focus on the restoration of homes and hearts. A company that makes the customer feel loved and welcomed through all touch-points.