10 Benefits of Linen - White & Faded

10 Benefits of Linen

Something about linen "breathes" luxury, don't you agree? Maybe its the laid-back, coastal vibe it creates or maybe the feeling of serene calmness. It also has fantastic benefits too, here is just to list a few...

1. NATURAL - Our products are 100% linen which means they are safe, soft and great for sensitive skin

2. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Flax consumes less resources to grow and it is biodegradable. Which means we are keeping our planet safe 

3. BREATHABLE - Linen "breathes", making it a perfect material to use whilst you are in the kitchen baking some glorious homemade goods

4. ANTIBACTERIAL - It perfectly neutralises odours

5. ANTI-STATIC - As it is made from natural fibres, it releases no static shock

6. EASY TO CARE - No need to iron, the natural crumpled fabric attracts the eye and contributes to a lovely cosy atmosphere in your home.

7. TREASURES TO LAST FOR YEARS - We want you to have treasures which lasts generations, this is the reason why our linen products are not mixed with other fibres, like cotton. 

8. HIGHLY ABSORBENT - Great for getting your dishes dry

9. SOFTER OVER TIME - Our stonewashed linen get softer after each wash, giving you cosy feel every time  

10. TIMELESS -In years to come linen will still be a staple in our wardrobes, bedrooms and even kitchens. You can never get bored of linen.

So apart from looking incredibly beautiful, linen has amazing qualities too. Why don't you browse our collection for some linen treasures for yourself!


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