By Janet Parrella-van den Berg 

The last couple of weeks, probably around the New Year, I felt the need to write a blog, or something like that, as I have never read a blog or had a desire to write one, so I don’t really know what you would call this. :P  I don’t know where that feeling came from, even why my lack of interest all of a sudden changed.

I do like to write though, my morning ritual is to write in a journal, I write to myself and to God, trying to make sense of what I feel and experience. And I write in my personal  Instagram an usually longish post, even though I know that the majority of my followers don’t read what I write, but I know there are those who do.

So what is this blog going to be about?

I would say life, just simple life in all its ways. Sometimes exciting, and sometimes nothing special…

If you’re interested, welcome! If not, that’s ok, I’m not quickly offended. :)

The story behind this picture I posted on my personal IG. 

On New Years Eve, I decided that this new year I’m going to work on my life-long shyness for the camera. Well to be in front of it, not behind it.

In my own comfort of my home, I set up the camera and I practised how to pose… which sounds incredibly silly for those of you who know that I worked as a photographer and worked with models and inexperienced models for years and gave them all the tricks for how to pose for the camera.

Anyway, back to my photo.. So my camera is set up and I’m standing nervously in front of it, clicking on my remote, but nothing happens, I had forgotten to check the settings and it was set on a long shutter time… So I’m standing there, feeling even more awkward, and decide to walk away and check what has gone wrong… 

The result of that photo amazed me completely… something magic, something that I have felt like for so long, captured in this ‘failed’ image. That's not me, but the Interiors I create matters, that you have to be a model for photoshoots, and the why people would be interested in what I look like or find important. 

But you know, actually that makes me really sad, it makes me sad if we think that nobody wants to see the real life and struggles of our favorite Interior IG account holders.

So I made a decision to change that for me. And that's why I’m writing this blog, this is me, with all my ups, downs, interior adventures and just life.

I hope you will join the journey…




Congrats on your first blog Janet! I relate to you in so many ways and it’s comforting to know that my thoughts are all alone. Thanks for being you! Xoxoxo

Natasha Klatt

Fab ….it never stops amazing me the huge difference of how we & others see us . You are such a hugely talented lady your IG account is beautiful so I was very interested to see the lady behind this art . We have a perspective of ‘these people ‘ who have it all …… beauty comes from within and so does self esteem we choose what we listen to , it’s always easier to see the beauty in the person next to you but we do not tend to treat ourselves with the same kindness . We all have our struggles in life & thank you for sharing yours ….Your photos of yourself are as gorgeous as your IG account …..thank you x


I love this Janet! Super proud of you and very excited to follow your blog. Sending huge love


Kate harpum

How wonderful! Such a great first post! I look forward to many more. I can tell your blog will be full of life. I want to work on opening up with more real life and not just paint and pillows, etc. The vulnerability is hard for me.

Tammie Price

Memoriesofmulberry here. I have an old blog which is so lame. I was inspired to start a new one. It was you who inspired me! I want to buy houses and design interiors! All white and find the best furniture and decor I can.
If you want a giggle go to for the love of country blogspot. So lame!!

Patsy Bahl

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