How To Blend Antiques in a Scandinavian Style? - White & Faded

How To Blend Antiques in a Scandinavian Style?

Do you love the clean and crisp Scandinavian style but not so much the modern and sleek accessories? Well, it’s time to have an eye on the authentic and chic antique décor to make your home a perfect blend of Antique-Scandi living. There’s something absolutely beautiful about thoughtful collectables! Whether it is the antique Mora clock, French armchair, cupboard, or farmhouse table - the antique knick knacks always tend to add meaning to your space. 

Merging the old with the new is a great way to infuse your personality into the design. And not to forget - this is also one of the best ways to decorate your home in an affordable way. Antique pieces rarely go out of trend - hence, exhibiting a flair of versatility and timelessness at all times. So, are you looking to inject a touch of both of these prominent styles in your home? Well, let’s have a look at these top tips and tricks! 

Tip 1: Let the Colour Play a Strong Game

Since Scandinavian style is mainly reigned by light and airy, an all-white palette - on the other hand, it’s important to simultaneously add pops of soft blues, faded greens, pinks or pale greys for an antique and feminine touch. This way, you’re blending the soft whites with colours through décor pieces like pillows, antique quilts or other accessories to add a chic and authentic flair of style.

Lastly, don’t hold back from adding rustic wooden touches!

Tip 2: Add Natural Textures and Flowers

The Scandinavian design revolves around natural textures like pine and rustic woods to give a break to an all-white background. This is also further enhanced by adding flowers like baby breath, larkspur, hydrangeas, dahlias and roses that can introduce a refreshing and pop of colour indoors.

Tip 3: Focus on the Overall Panorama

It’s time to throw in one focal point item! Now that you have a light, airy, and crisp background - let that focal and fundamental antique piece play the limelight. It could either be a chandelier, antique armchair, or pieces that your grandmother has collected for ages.

Summing It Up

When blending the antique with Scandinavian, every detail counts. And that’s why you must have an eye for style and décor to undeniably create a soothing yet characteristic design statement. So, are you excited to spruce the antique and Scandinavian all together? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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