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How To Make A Statement With A Stripped Wooden Mora Clock?

How To Make A Statement With A Stripped Wooden Mora Clock?

Wondering how to add a natural statement to your clean and crisp white slate background? Well, there is a long list - but one of the notable ideas is to incorporate this trendy antique stripped wooden Mora clock that plays equally unique and mind-blowing. Constructed of natural wood with a sleek, rustic finish - this clock plays a fundamental role in Scandinavian and all-white Contemporary-style backdrop. This specific long case clock originated from a town in Sweden - Mora in Dalarna province. 

First and foremost, this Grandfather Clock tends to play a focal role against the white background in the room and secondly, it tends to blend and break the clean lines of white. Believe it or not, your guests would truly admire and want to steal a glance. Defining utmost versatility and timelessness, this clock aims to add a Antique and authentic detail to your living room, as well as the kitchen. Chic enough, right?

One element  of beauty you can never put a price on is agePerfection lies within the imperfection, as the years flee past them. As they stand still and watch the world go round, that’s the beauty. That’s the restored beauty. 

Apart from the rustic charm and appeal, these clocks possess a rich historical timeline. They date back to the 1800s and are handcrafted from Sweden. Many come in a tired, outdated style incorporated with folk art. We created a new, highly desired look stripped to the bare wooden frame which emphases its rich craftsmanship and draws out the natural beauty. Yes, they stand out and at the same time, seamlessly blend with the existing white background. Also, have an eye for wooden dowels that have been used to construct the clock. Not to forget - the utmost natural look of the room is beautifully enhanced and preserved with the help of this charming striped wooden Mora clock. 

Generally, they are segregated into a ‘female’ and ‘male’ shape that can be easily identifiable and observed. Yes, you have the option to choose either depending upon your style and vibe. Typically, a ‘male’ Mora clock is straight in shape and that’s quite different from the ‘female’ shape that is styled in delicate curves and fringes. 


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