4. THE SEASON OF SINGING - White & Faded


My favourite chapter in my book Beauty Restored starts on page 123, the beauty of flowers.

To be honest, I had written the complete book already and went for the last time through all the
photos. My heart skipped a beat when I came across some old photos that I took of roses and
other flowers in the beginning of the White & Faded years... There was something fragile,
beautiful and still in these photos.
There and then I decided they need to be shared in the book... but what about them... what to
write? I struggled a lot for words.
After several tries I decided to ask the Creator of these beauties to inspire me.
I couldn’t put my pen down afterwards!
The whole chapter was written within half an hour and it became the favourite of many!

Here is a extract from that chapter:

What joy rises in me when I fill a basket or a vintage bowl with different kinds of flowers - such diversity of colour, type, shape, freshness and positioning; individually beautiful, together amazing!

It's so encouraging to see how my story has influenced others to step out of a damaging environment and discover freedom for themselves.
And likewise I'm so inspired by others telling me how they have fought their battles and regained confidence and purpose.

Wherever you place flowers, they change the atmosphere. Their fragrance fills the space and everyone entering that place is drawn to them. They invite you to
smell them and then they capture your heart with their simple beauty and frailty.
I will often go to my local florist to ask if I can pick the roses out of her compost bin that were nearly over and couldn't be sold any more. Their imperfections make them perfect when placed in the right bowl or vase. Most of the time they need support from the stronger flowers; sometimes I need to cut the stems really short to get that support from the bowl they were lying in.

One person’s rubbish becomes someone else’s treasure!

Is that not just precious and beautiful?

I want to encourage those of you who are reading this and feel lonely or sad, to reach out... to share, be open about how you feel, and to share your beautiful fragrance...

It's the season of singing and you’re invited to join the choir.

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