3. TIME OF TRANSITION - White & Faded


So a year after my book got published I see my own growth in becoming who I am, partly through my return to the style I had before I got into antiques and the start of White & Faded. Some of my followers don’t get why I change things, or even told me that I don’t like new things, but they are wrong... I like change, I come alive when I change things and yes I have added ‘new’ things in my interior. They are either classic designer items or vintage mid-century items. I love the mix of the really old and the ‘new’. 

My favorite item at the moment is an antique Swedish candlestick made in 1700s. Such craftsmanship! I love the contrast of the chippy wood on my glossy white coffee table. 

Mixing old and new items can be tricky for some of you, as to what is a good balance in old towards new (read modern and designer) 

So here is my guide that works for me... A total modern interior with one antique cupboard, or a pair of chairs looks classic, chic and interesting. A complete antique interior with just 1 modern chair looks odd, out of place... It's all about the balance... 

I feel in my personal life that I’m in a time of transition... and because I’m very expressive through the things around me, you will find that in my interior design. My creative juices are slowly flowing again, and with that the energy to change, uplift, encourage and discover. Old canvases that have been in storage for over 10 years have found daylight again, and paint that was used only for walls, floors or furniture is used to cover them. 

I’m feeling alive and excited for what is coming!

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