Is it things like a new dress or that fabulous pair of jeans? That perfect lamp, pillow, piece of furniture… or you can fill in the blanks. 

Admittedly, I myself have fallen into the trap of wanting more, more clothing, more furniture and more 'things', in the hope that they will bring happiness. But it was almost as though they they were more a disappointment and when I didn’t fit into those perfect jeans, or the cupboard I wanted for so long was too large etc. They then bought stress, depression, self-doubt and a feeling that I don’t care about anything anymore.

There is and was nothing wrong with these items, it was deep feeling inside of me…

I want to share some extracts from my book; Beauty Restored. This book takes you on the journey and pain I experienced when I lost my confidence and my identity to then finding ways to reignite the sense of true joy, hope and love Once more. Through photos of items I’ve collected and furniture I’ve restored. 

Here I’m describing how my love for restoration started:

"One of my most treasured mirrors is a great example of this. The left side has damage, broken in parts and missing some flower decorations, but the right side is complete with all its parts in place. Even so, it is one mirror, one piece, beautified through the life it has lived and faithful in its reflection. I see restoration more as a renewed or re-discovered value that is given, placed in a position of honour and being loved again for what it is; being rescued from a dark place and being brought into the warmth and light of a loving home. Restoration isn't merely covering up the past with a layer of fresh paint, but much more about embracing the damaged parts, the scratched surface and chipped paint with a hug of acceptance - just like being loved for who you are."  Page 39


I’ve come so far from what I describe about myself in the book, but the journey continues… like life is… a marathon that is bound to have it's ups and downs, but slowly moving forward.

It is sometimes difficult though with the fast pace that Dino has, to move slowly :P 

More next time...

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